• Bespoke mirrors

Bespoke mirrors


Custom design


Monteleone has invested many resources over the years to create a team specializing in the design and development of custom products to meet the needs of its customers.

Bespoke mirrors, often including small customizations, sometimes designed from scratch, to suit the project needs of architects and designers.

Especially in the hotel industry, uniqueness, practicality, design, the effect of lighting and its propagation through the environment are fundamental, and the biggest challenge is to build a well-researched, elegant and easy-to-use product that takes shape through the various design phases.

Light warm cool

In a constantly evolving world we must always surprise and intrigue our customer, imparting an unforgettable experience to them, just by creating a warm, relaxing, pleasant and welcoming atmosphere.

This can be constructed together through a well-researched product, creating a feeling of well-being, improving our mood and making our memorable moments even better. All of this is interconnected.

We are professional in creating uniquely customized products.

Luigi Monteleone