GeneralWho does Monteleone turn to?We are especially concerned with the hotel industry, but all of our products can be used in private bathrooms.
GeneralWhat can you customize (shapes, dimensions, lighting modes, etc.)?For the mirrors the most customized is the required size, but you can also customize the color of the lights and in some products even the finishing touch. On the magnifying glasses, the greatest demand for personalization concerns the finishing touch, but on some illuminated models we can change the colour of the light from "hot" to "cold".
GeneralCan I put my brand on your products?Contact us to evaluate this possibility together. It is also possible to request the neutral product without the company logo.
GeneralDo you have a showroom?We have a showroom at our location in Gozzano in Via Caduti of Nassiriya 5, and we work with several retailers in Italy. Ask for the list of retailers closest to you.
GeneralCan I buy directly from the website?Not at the moment, but plans are being made for some products to be purchased from the site. For custom quotes, enter the product tab of your interest, add it to your list using the + button, and when the list is complete, send it through the form provided, we will send you a personal customized offer.
GeneralDo you have a pre-sales service?We are available for any information, please fill in our contact module.
GeneralWhat type of warranty is given?Usually 24 months on all products. We also have a post-sales service to meet the needs that arise
GeneralDo you make only mirrors and bathroom mirrors or even furniture?Our mirrors and wall mirrors are created for the bathroom environment, but they can also be used in other rooms in the house.
GeneralWhat is the difference between bathroom mirrors and furniture mirrors?Bathroom mirrors have been designed to protect the electrical parts from the humidity of this environment, which is why continuous control procedures are developed and carried out. Furniture mirrors are mainly about design or decorative, and do not require the use of electrical or various components that are resistant to humid environments.
MirrorDo mirrors have a switch?No, they generally do not, an external switch is recommended, but there are models where they can be set up inside.